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Data Transfer

Transfer large sets of data from one place to another

Data Transfer allows you to move any type of data files asynchronously from one place to another.


Data Transfer

Experience the power of our Data Transfer service, revolutionising file transfers with its efficient and tailored web interfaces.
Enjoy real-time statistics and effortless management of network resources at your fingertips.
Say goodbye to slow, unreliable transfers and hello to lightning-fast and secure data transfers.

Main features

Here are just a few advantages of our service:

  • Asynchronous transfer for lightning-fast speeds
  • Ideal for very large files and large amounts of files
  • Automatic retry mechanisms for seamless transfers
  • Real-time statistics and network management interfaces
  • Complete control over your data transfer process

TRL 9: Actual system proven in operational environment.

Pioneering together: EGI and WLCG pushing boundaries in High-Energy research

WLCG, the international collaboration that led to the discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012, is a global initiative with more than 170 computing centres across 42 countries. Its primary goal is to provide computing resources to store, distribute, and analyse data generated by the high-energy physics experiments conducted by the Large Hadron
Collider (LHC) at CERN. The detectors installed in the LHC generate a massive amount of data that must be processed, distributed and analysed by thousands of scientists across hundreds of scientific institutions worldwide. EGI Federation’s services are crucial in enabling such an exascale, distributed computing infrastructure like WLCG.
CERN utilises the FTS service, which underlies EGI Data Transfer, to distribute the LHC Data to the WLCG infrastructure. This technology facilitates data transfer of over 80 Petabytes monthly, allowing to run on the WLCG infrastructure around 700 million computing jobs annually, consuming approximately 5 billion CPU hours.

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With Data Transfer, you can address these challenges:
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Interactive computing

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Data Spaces

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Service hosting

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Case studies

How our users solved real challenges with Data Transfer
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This service is offered by providers of the EGI Federated Cloud Platform and the EGI Federated HTC Platform.


This service is co-funded by the European Commission

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