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EGI Check-in is a proxy service that operates as a central hub to connect federated Identity Providers (IdPs) with EGI service providers.


With EGI Check-in, you get a centralised solution that seamlessly connects various Identity Providers with EGI service providers. You can quickly and easily select your preferred Identity Provider and gain access to a wide range of EGI services without any hassle.
Are you a community manager or service provider? Our check-in solution allows you to manage your users and enable multiple federated authentication sources using different technologies.

Main features

Here are some of the key features and benefits of EGI Check-in:

  • With multiple authentication sources available, you can ensure increased security  without compromising productivity
  • Federated in eduGAIN as a service provider: You can rest assured that our service provides topnotch security that is trusted by the European research and education community
  • REFEDS RnS and Sirtfi compliance: We understand the importance of compliance, which is why we make it a priority to adhere to the highest standards
  • User registration portal: Our user registration portal allows accounts-linking, making it easier than ever to manage multiple user accounts
  • Transparent user attribute delivery: The EGI Check-in combines user attributes from various sources, including Identity Providers and attribute provider services, and delivers them to connected EGI service providers in a transparent way.

TRL 8:  System complete and qualified.

See Check-in privacy notice to learn how personal data are processed when using this service.

EGI Check-in empowers EISCAT’s data exploration

EISCAT is a scientific organisation that operates radar antenna sites across Finland, Norway and Sweden, all north of the Arctic Circle. The EISCAT_3D radar system supports research in various fields, but handling the vast amount of data generated poses significant challenges. The EISCAT Data Access Portal offers authentication and authorisation features via the EGI Check-in service. Authorised researchers can browse metadata, select applications, visualise or download analysis results, and analyse data using cloud resources or their own software through online computing.
The EGI CheckIn allows for user registration, authenticated and authorised access to the EISCAT Data Access Portal, and access to the underlying distributed computing infrastructure, including embargoed data. Overall, EGI’s contribution enables EISCAT to meet the challenges of handling large-scale experimental data and advancing research in the fields of atmospheric and ionospheric studies.

Service offers

Manage your users and enable multiple federated authentication sources using different technologies.

Manage your users and enable multiple federated authentication sources using different technologies.

Community operating its own AAI connected to Check-in.

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Consultancy & Support

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EGI Check-in streamlines authentication in a secure, simple and harmonised manner. By working with EGI our members can now use their existing accounts to access the expanding toolset of innovative computing services offered by EGI. This ensures seamless sign-on access for all users of ARIA and its diverse biomedical scientific community
Fiona Sanderson, Software Developer at Instruct


With Check-in, you can address these challenges:
Federated access

Secure and user-friendly federated authentication and authorization. EGI Solution.


Case studies

How our community uses Check-in
TerraDue Earth Observation
Collaboratively advancing Earth Science via advanced computing resources

Advancing Earth Science Collaboratively. EGI Case Study.


Our providers

This service is offered by providers of the EGI Federated Cloud Platform and the EGI Federated HTC Platform.


This service is co-funded by the European Commission.

Service documentation

Instructions, manuals and community resources

This documentation focuses on using the service.

Webinar: The EGI AAI Check-In service for scientific communities

Information for Service Providers

Brochure about the Check-in Service (2017).

See the Check-in privacy policy to learn how personal data are processed when using this service.

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