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Supporting language as social and cultural data with CLARIN ERIC

CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) is a digital infrastructure offering data, tools and services to support research based on language resources. This infrastructure was developed from the vision that all digital language resources and tools from all over Europe and beyond are accessible through an online environment for the support of researchers in the humanities and social sciences.


The challenge

CLARIN provides easy and sustainable access to digital language data (in written, spoken, or multimodal form) for scholars in the social sciences and humanities, and beyond, and advanced solutions to discover, explore, exploit, annotate, analyse or combine such datasets, wherever they are located. This is enabled through a networked federation of centres: language data repositories, service centres and knowledge centres, with single sign-on access for all members of the academic community in all participating countries.
Tools and data from different centres are interoperable, so that data collections can be combined and tools from different sources can be chained to perform complex operations to support researchers in their work. The challenge, however, lies in making this complex infrastructure to properly work.


The solution

The collaboration framework

The collaboration with CLARIN ERIC started back in 2018 with the EOSC-hub project. During the project, CLARIN ERIC was selected to vertically integrate the CLARIN ERIC services in EOSC as a way to stimulate the discoverability of data sets, making the citation of these more convenient and to take away the barriers to automated processing of data.

Technical support from EGI

Through the EOSC-hub CLARIN Thematic Service, EGI delivered expertise and support on a variety of technical areas including platform development, data migration, and training on the EGI advanced services. The cloud-based resources provided from datacenters belonging to the EGI Federation have been used to:

Over the years, the collaboration between EGI and CLARIN ERIC has been further extended. EGI has continued to provide technical support and access to the EGI resources.

Services provided by EGI

Login with your own credentials

Store, share and access your files and their metadata on a global scale

Run virtual machines on-demand with complete control over computing resources


Language Resource Switchboard (LRS)

The Language Resource Switchboard is a tool that helps users to find a matching language processing web application for your data. After uploading a file or entering a URL, the user can select which task to perform. The Switchboard will then provide the user with a list of available CLARIN tools to analyze the input

The agreement signed with EGI provides us with the opportunity to evaluate a new resource provider and will bring us more experience with the EGI ecosystem. The resources provided under this agreement will enable us to test-drive a redundant setup of the Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) with the goal of increasing the reliability of the service provided to the CLARIN community and offered within the EOSC-hub marketplace.


EOSC-hub brought together multiple service providers to create the Hub: a single contact point for...