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Looking for AI Experts and HPC Cloud Providers

Receive funding to Support low-tech SMEs !

We would like to share with EGI members the opportunity to collaborate in two ICT 49 AI projects (Bonsapps and StairwAI). The collaboration is based on providing computing infrastructure (Expression of Interest for HPC-Cloud providers ) and AI expertise (Expression of Interest for AI experts and Talents) to support industrial experiments (Open call for SMEs).


If you are selected, you will enter in a pool of external providers, who will be assigned to the experiments and paid directly by the companies (this means not entering as consortium members but as contractors for the company). Only the initial application for the eligibility is required (so you won’t need to apply for each individual experiment). 

Information (guidelines and application forms) for the projects are in the following links:

Both projects will last until the end of 2023 with intermediate cut-off dates (next one the 31st January).


EGI Foundation is a partner in the StairWAI project, leading technical requirements, service layer design and integration with the platform definition and description. Additionally, EGI Foundation participates to build the Vertical Matchmaking and hardware marketplace and to Open Call Management. More about the projects EGI Foundation is involved in can be found on our project page.

image credit: Photo by Dil on Unsplash