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Cloud Container Compute

Run Docker containers in a lightweight virtualised environment

Cloud Container Compute gives you the ability to deploy and scale Docker containers on-demand.

Cloud Compute

Cloud Container Compute

EGI Cloud Container Compute is a complete solution for anyone looking to use containers for applications with ease and at scale. With multiple service options – a fully-managed service where you just have to bring your container images, or a self-managed service with on-demand provisioning of the necessary compute resource – this service offers both ease of use and advanced customisation, as well as unique features that make it ideal for anyone needing a reliable and efficient container platform. Our secure and isolated environment ensures that your containers are protected from external threats and with standard API access, you can easily manage and monitor your containers without any additional overhead. The result is improved performance, ideal for development work.

Main Features

Here are some of the key benefits and advantages of our Cloud Container Compute:

  • Based on de facto industry standards: Kubernetes and OCI container images
  • One-click deployment of applications based on Helm charts
  • Centralised management of multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • On-demand provisioning for ultimate flexibility
  • Standard interface for easy multi-cloud deployments
  • Interoperability and transparency for a hassle-free experience
  • Removal of friction between development and operations environments

TRL 8: System complete and qualified.

Empowering big Geoscience data analytics with EGI’s Cloud Container Compute

Pangeo is a global community-centric, open, scalable and collaborative ecosystem that
supports big geoscience data analysis. Designed for scientists, developers, and research software engineers, Pangeo enables collaboration on Big Data Geoscience research problems. Its versatility extends beyond Geoscience applications, offering support for diverse scientific contexts such as bioimaging.
With the potential to become the “reference” open science gateway, the platform leverages various infrastructures and data providers across the scientific community. Pangeo@Europe, with EGI’s support, has enabled researchers to onboard on the
Pangeo EOSC infrastructure. EGI’s Cloud Container Compute has been particularly helpful in deploying Pangeo on top of different cloud providers, expanding its reach and usability. Pangeo represents a significant step forward in scientific research, and its continued development promises to have a farreaching impact on scientific breakthroughs across various disciplines.

Get started

Trial access

Try the service, prototype and validate applications and services.

The EGI grant includes up to 4 vCPU cores, 8GB of RAM and 100GB of block storage.

Custom access

Long-term access, service level guarantees, dedicated support.

Consultancy & Support

Are you wondering if this service can help solving your challenges? Are you a user and seek support?


With Cloud Container Compute, you can address these challenges:
Interactive computing

Data analytics and visualisation with Jupyter Notebooks. EGI Solution.

Service hosting

Scale-up domain-specific web hosting solutions on the EGI Federated Cloud. EGI Solution.


Case studies

How our community uses Cloud Container Compute

Our providers

This service is offered by providers of the EGI Federated Cloud Platform


This service is co-funded by the European Commission

Service documentation

Instructions, manuals and community resources

This documentation focuses on using the service.

Webinar – Managing Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters in the EGI Cloud

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