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Operational tools

Integrate resources and operations in a federated ecosystem

Operational tools

The service of Operational tools provides the essential toolkit to run a core infrastructure platform in a federated ecosystem. The Operational Tools available for members of the EGI Council are:

  • Monitoring –  provided by CNRS, GRNET, SRCE
  • Operations portal – provided by CCIN2P3 (Operations portal website)
  • Configuration database – provided by STFC (GOCDB)
  • Security tools
  • Information discovery
  • Messaging brokers

There is also a range of accounting tools offered as a separate service.

The EGI Operational Tools guarantee:

  • Reduced expenses – the entire tool kit is already available, and all members share maintenance.
  • A predictable service provisioning with high availability and reliability
  • Full operational integration
  • Increased efficiency of running operations in a federated ecosystem
  • Easy coordination of large collaborations

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