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EGI was created to support research communities in the use of advanced computing and data services. Now, the EGI DIH has been created to share all this experience and knowledge to support SMEs in their digital transformation.


Discover EGI DIH

EGI DIH is a virtual space where companies and technical service providers meet to test solutions before investing. EGI DIH offers different services on advanced computing to help companies in the digitalization improve their productivity.

EGI DIH acts as a one-stop-shop to provide technical assets, knowledge, expertise and support on business, market, and finance, leading to sustainable innovation.

EGI DIH aims at:

  • Help and support companies in the adoption/ test/ validation of advanced computing technologies to become more competitive
  • Provide an open and innovative environment for experimentation, training and networking
  • Increase the innovation among the EGI Federation members
  • Facilitate the relationship between EGI community and business sectors for a wider economic and societal impact

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EGI DIH Case Studies

Discover how businesses make use of the EGI Services
MATLAB AI Data science
Web-based MATLAB integration with EGI for enhanced research

MathWorks and EGI are partnering to offer a web-based version of MATLAB via EGI’s Jupyter...

TerraDue Earth Observation
Collaboratively advancing Earth Science via advanced computing resources

Advancing Earth Science Collaboratively. EGI Case Study.

IBM exascale computing
Leveraging EGI Data Centre for Exascale Computing System Modeling at IBM

EGI data centre helps the IBM research lab to model an exascale computing system

Peachnote music
Exploring the world of digitised sheet music with innovative technologies

Peachnote lets you discover new sides of music, find great performances and improve your score reading....

EGI supports Belgian SME training in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Numeca International, a Belgian SME, in partnership with its Italian distributor, NSI, held a training workshop in the...

November 30, 2016
EGI joins forces with CloudSME UG

The EGI Foundation is pleased to announce a formal collaboration with CloudSME UG, a private...

June 30, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions about EGI DIH
How do I become part of EGI DIH?

If you are a company and would like to participate in EGI DIH either as a customer of the services or as a service  provider services to our community, you can contact us to be validated as partner of the EGI. There are 3 levels of partnerships: 

  • Community Level
  • Content Level 
  • Federated Level 

If you are an EGI federation member you can participate at different levels as service provider or expert.

Can I receive funding from EGI DIH?

EGI DIH facilitates the access to funding through the partcipation and coordination of projects,  and also by distributing information about external funding opportunities relevant companies. 

How is EGI DIH funded?

EGI DIH is partially funded by the EGI Foundation and by the fees provided by our private partners. 

Can I request a service that is not in the catalogue?

If you have the need to use a service that is not included in the EGI DIH catalogue, you can contact us. Our collaboration and partnerships with multiple organizations and other DIHs may facilitate the access to these complementary services.

Is EGI DIH for non-commercial entities as well?

If you are a non-commercial entity and want to collaborate with the EGI DIH, you can contact us to explore the best scenario. We are open to expand our innovation ecosystem!

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