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Service provider. VU is the reference provider for the Lithuanian academic community, with HPC resources amounting to 0.3 PFlops, that are being procured and set up by the end of 2020 across 3 different institutes of VU, including the mathematics department, the informatics department and the physics department. VU is also participating to EuroCC and Lithuania is a funding organization of EuroHPC.

VU can support pay for use access to resources, and is interested in a programme for support to industry and SMEs

VU is interested in establishing contacts with their research communities supported in EGI

Their expected benefits of EGI participation

  • Increased users, increased ‘pay-for-use’ users (either in EUR or in PMs in projects)
  • Increase the list of scientific publications produced,
  • Diversified user base (from scientific domains and business; from Lithuania and also from other places)
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