High-Throughput Compute

Execute thousands of computational tasks to analyse large datasets

With High-Throughput Compute you can run computational jobs at scale on the EGI infrastructure. It allows you to analyse large datasets and execute thousands of parallel computing tasks.

High-Throughput Compute is provided by a distributed network of computing centres, accessible via a standard interface and membership of a virtual organisation. EGI offers more than 1,000,000 cores of installed capacity, supporting over 1.6 million computing jobs per day.

This service supports research and innovation at all scales: from individuals to large collaborations.

Main characteristics of the service:

  • Access to high-quality computing resources
  • Integrated monitoring and accounting tools to provide information about the availability and resource consumption
  • Workload and data management tools to manage all computational tasks
  • Large amounts of processing capacity over long periods of time
  • Faster results for your research
  • Shared resources among users, enabling collaborative research

TRL 9 Actual system proven in operational environment.

Service provided by

The EGI Federation

This work is co-funded by the EOSC-hub project (H2020) under grant number 777536.