Joining the EGI Council

The EGI Council welcomes like-minded countries and international organisations who wish to become part of the EGI vision for a stronger research and innovation sector in Europe.

Council participants have a key role on the evolution of the strategy and shape of the EGI Federation and represent the senior decision-making and supervisory authority of the EGI Foundation. Participants also have full access to the internal services provided by the EGI Federation and the EGI Foundation, including all the operational tools required to manage a distributed e-infrastructure.

See below the possibilities to join the EGI Council and check our dedicated brochure – “Joining the EGI Federation” – to help you get on track with the application!

Who is eligible?

Participation in the EGI Council is open to:

> Institutions representing national e-infrastructures with a mission to provide distributed data & computing services to researchers, including organisations based in non-European countries.

> Institutions representing communities of researchers with a strong interest in distributed data & computing services, for example:

     – European International Research Organisations (EIROs)

     – European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERICs)

     – Research Infrastructures on the ESFRI roadmap

> Other legal entities, in their own capacity or as representative of a consortium that can contribute to the objective of the foundation

What are the membership options?

The EGI Council distinguishes the following types of membership:

Council Participants

Council participants have full membership rights: 1) appointing a representative (and one deputy) and attend all Council meetings; 2) full voting rights in all decision matters; 3) full access the internal services; 4) involvement in projects as linked third party of the EGI Foundation.

Associated Council Participants

Associated participants can benefit from the internal services provided by the EGI Federation and the EGI Foundation and can normally attend meetings with one representative and one deputy, but they don’t have voting rights.

The EGI Affiliation Programme

Affiliated participants have a temporary membership status equivalent to associate participants (of 12 months, renewable to a maximum of 24 months).

The temporary affiliated membership is ideal for countries or organisations who want to have a first contact with the infrastructure, and/or, are in a country where there is no national strategy, and/or, don’t yet have a proper e-Infrastructure in place, and/or, want to assess the interest of such e-Infrastructures for their scientific communities.

How much does it cost?

The participant fee model is based on six levels dependent on the GDP, in case the participant is representing a country; or annual budget, in case the participant represents an international organization.

The number of votes ascribed to a participant is proportional to the fee it pays.

The following table illustrates the fee model:

Category* Participant Associated participant
Fee/year Votes Fee/year Votes
X > 2,000,000 90,000 € 90 45,000 € 0
750,000 < X ≤ 2,000,000 75,000 € 75 37,500 € 0
300,000 < X ≤ 750,000 55,000 € 55 27,500 € 0
100,000 < X ≤ 300,000 40,000 € 40 20,000 € 0
30,000 < X ≤ 100,000 25,000 € 25 12,500 € 0
X ≤ 30,000 10,000 € 10 5,000 € 0

* Where X represents : a country’s GDP (in million US$), OR, an organisations’ annual budget (in thousand €)

The fee for a temporary affiliated membership is 1,500 € (with no voting right).


To discuss participation in the EGI Council, please send an email to the Director of the EGI Foundation with an expression of interest.

Our publication “Joining the EGI Federation” outlines the enrolling possibilities for new countries and research organisations.