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Bring PITHIA-NRF and EOSC together

The facilitation of Open Science is one of the main objectives of PITHIA-NRF. An action line within the project is building bridges with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) which aims to provide European researchers, innovators, companies and citizens with a federated and open multi-disciplinary environment to publish, find and reuse data, tools and services.

The connection of PITHIA-NRF with EOSC is ensured by EGI, a member of the consortium and one of the main providers in EOSC. PITHIA-NRF will be interfaced with EOSC on several levels:

  • The e-Science Centre is built from several components and services that are available to research communities via EOSC.
  • The e-Science Centre will be made available as a service within EOSC, enabling researchers to discover data and applications from the PITHIA facilities.
  • The PITHIA data interoperability work takes input from the EOSC interoperability efforts that happen in the various EOSC Advisory Groups.

EGI is helping the consortium implement the IT service standard (FitSM) for customer-driven delivery which is already used in the EOSC. FitSM is the reference framework being used in many large-scale EC-funded projects. It defines the procedures to organise and manage the portfolio of services that they offer for researchers and other stakeholders. One FitSM training to the PITHIA-NRF community has already been given, and additional training will be offered in later years of the project.

PITHIA-NRF is building a European distributed network that integrates observing facilities, data processing tools and prediction models dedicated to ionosphere, thermosphere and plasmasphere research.

The EGI Foundation supports the project in defining interoperability standards among the participating facilities, and with the broader landscape, including EOSC, and leads the design of sustainable services and activities that will last beyond the project. EGI members deliver a federated cloud environment with a cloud-based ‘EGI Notebooks’ service for the PITHIA e-science centre to offer a scalable and customisable web environment for writing workflows, exchanging workflows, accessing, analysis and sharing of data.

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This post has been adapted from the PITHIA-NRF Newsletter featuring the article titled "Bring PITHIA-NRF and EOSC together".