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CLAF celebrates its 60th anniversary

In 2022, the Centro Latino-Americano de Física (CLAF) based in Rio de Janeiro celebrates 60 years since its foundation.

Throughout its 60 years, the vision of CLAF has been to contribute to scientific and technological development for peaceful purposes and to the integration of Physics and related sciences in Latin American and Caribbean countries through education and research.
According to the director, Luis Huerta, CLAF is an institution with history. It has been relevant for the development of Physics in the region, as it has played a vital role in promoting intraregional exchange. “In Latin America in the 1960s (at the time that CLAF was created), there were about 1,300 physicists; today, there are about 23,000,” contextualized Huerta.CLAF supports international endeavours, such as the LHC at CERN and the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina. EGI has collaborated with CLAF since 2014 to support international collaboration in Physics.