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EGI Celebrates C-SCALE’s Contribution to Copernicus Data Processing and Analysis in EOSC

EGI proudly joins C-SCALE in celebrating the project’s journey, accomplishments, and impacts. EGI has played a pivotal role in C-SCALE, ensuring its success and sustainability. EGI, supported by other C-SCALE partners, was responsible for setting up the C-SCALE Compute Federation, leveraging its extensive experience in establishing and managing large distributed infrastructures. Additionally, EGI was actively involved in interactions with other EOSC initiatives and projects, forging collaborative efforts to enhance the European research landscape.
EGI has also taken the lead in defining C-SCALE’s business strategies and sustainability, contributing to the project’s long-term impact and has been responsible for the project’s communication and dissemination efforts, ensuring that C-SCALE’s achievements and innovations reach a wider audience.

Exploring C-SCALE's Empowering Services

EGI is thrilled to showcase C-SCALE’s key services that have significantly enriched the EOSC Portal, providing seamless access to Copernicus data and advanced workflow solutions:
FedEarthData: Federated Earth System Simulation and Data Processing Platform
EO-MQS: Earth Observation Metadata Query Service
openEO Platform: Enabling large-scale Earth Observation data analysis
Workflow Solutions: Streamlining Earth system monitoring, modelling, and forecasting workflows

C-SCALE's Impact on Earth Observation Research

We invite you to delve into C-SCALE’s impactful journey, characterized by improved data accessibility, scalability, and empowerment of cutting-edge research. Explore the project’s inspiring success stories, including:

C-SCALE Impact Report: Paving the Way for Earth Observation Research

Finally, we invite you to discover the profound impact of C-SCALE on Earth Observation research through the project’s comprehensive Impact Report. Explore how C-SCALE’s services have revolutionized data accessibility, scalability, and analysis capabilities, accelerating scientific progress in the Earth observation domain and fostering innovation.

Meet the EGI team who supported C-SCALE

Diego Scardaci is Technical Solution Team Lead at EGI Foundation. 

Sebastian Luna-Valero is a Cloud Community Support Specialist at EGI Foundation.

Enol Fernández is Cloud Solutions Manager at the EGI Foundation.

Xavier Salazar is a Senior Strategy and Innovation Officer at the EGI Foundation.

Magdalena Brus is the team lead for the EGI communications team.