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EGI welcomes NBIS as a Federation member

Updated 04/01/2023

As of November 2022, NBIS, the national Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden, has joined the EGI Federation as an associated participant.
The EGI Federation now counts 29 members!

Thanks to their participation, NBIS will support the vision of EGI according to which “all

researchers should have seamless access to services, resources and expertise to collaborate and conduct world-class research and innovation”.

In particular, NBIS will help provide reliable services to the life sciences community with the cloud resources provided by the EGI, and moreover, to promote the collaboration with other European research infrastructures, especially for knowledge sharing and development of the e-infrastructure technology for research data and computing intensive science.


NBIS is one of the biggest national research infrastructures in Sweden and also the Swedish node in the European infrastructure for biological information, ELIXIR. With NBIS, EGI can provide better services to the research community in the future.

Why join the EGI Federation?

Joining the EGI Federation means becoming part of a well-established community serving international research and innovation. When institutions become EGI Participants, they can benefit from several assets, such as:

  • Access services and tools for federating infrastructures
  • Engage expert communities
  • Access services and support for advanced computing
  • Boost knowledge sharing
  • Promotion of the institution’s services internationally
  • Improve access to funding
  • Shape strategy and policy

Find out more about the benefits on the page dedicated to joining the EGI Federation.

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