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EGI2023: EuroScienceGateway community meeting

June 22nd 3 PM

EuroScienceGateway: an open infrastructure for data-driven research

The EuroScienceGateway (ESG) project, in collaboration with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and Galaxy, aims to provide a user-friendly scientific workflow and data integration platform. This initiative is focused on creating an open infrastructure for data-driven research that is robust, scalable, and integrated, allowing for federated computational infrastructures and democratization of research data analysis. The ESG project involves 17 European partners who are working towards integrating metadata and knowledge from EOSC services like Zenodo and, to enhance the FAIRification of data analysis.

In our session, we will provide an introduction to Galaxy, a platform that is increasingly being used by scientific communities. Specifically, we will take a closer look at, the largest European instance, and discuss how it is administered and continuously developed. Our discussion will cover recent data developments such as object stores and distributed computing, which are relevant to a variety of research communities.

We will explore principles and solutions related to open data initiatives like iRODS or Rucio and highlight challenges faced by new communities such as material sciences and astrophysics that are exploring Galaxy as part of ESG. Additionally, we will focus on the development of Pulsar (our distributed compute network), a core component of ESG, and our efforts to mature it to TLR-9, enabling the efficient utilization of resources across Europe.