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EOSC DIH Success Stories 2023

I am delighted to extend a warm invitation to explore the success stories featured in this brochure, highlighting the collaborative achievements within the European Open Science Cloud Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC DIH).

As the coordinator of this initiative, I have had the privilege of witnessing the convergence of creative minds and advanced technologies under the EOSC Future project.

With EOSC DIH, we have supported numerous (small) businesses and SMEs – in fields ranging from finance, agriculture, and logistics, to energy, IT and mobility – to pilot their innovative idea – using EOSC services and taking them towards onboarding the resulting service to EOSC marketplace.

These case studies offer insights into challenges, solutions, and tangible outcomes. They do not only reflect the project achievements but also the collective change we can bring to the world!

We want to thank all the pilots, partners and participating projects for their engagement and valuable feedback that helped us mature the EOSC DIH services toward satisfying pragmatic business-oriented views and requirements.

If you are interested in more background information about the pilots, such as exploring how the services have been used, detailed workplans, successes (and failures!), and testimonials about how the companies interacted with EOSC DIH, visit the EOSC DIH pilots webpages.

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