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EOSC Future - commercial services survey

Updated 03/11/2021

The EOSC Future project is launching a commercial services survey to gather feedback from researchers on the various commercial digital services and datasets they use in their work. Ultimately, this information will offer valuable insight into which digital services should be prioritised and procured within the European Open Science Cloud. The survey will be available until 16 November 2021.

Access – to data, interoperable resources, outputs – is a key pillar of the EOSC Future project. This entails making sure researchers have access to a robust collection of commercial digital services through the European Open Science Cloud. An initial portfolio of IaaS+ services is already available via the OCRE framework catalogue, making selected cloud-based services an integral component of EOSC. Moving forward, it will be important to evaluate the existing portfolio for any outstanding gaps in the provision of commercial services and datasets.

In light of the above, the project is launching a survey, targeting researchers from all disciplines, on the different commercial services and datasets they use in their projects and activities. The goal of the survey is to ensure that EOSC commercial services and datasets are not only accessible but also refined to meet the changing needs of Europe’s research communities.

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