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EOSC in practice: WeNMR demonstrator

The WeNMR suite for structural biology was the focus of one of the demonstrators presented during the EOSC launch event in Vienna, on 23 November. The EOSC launch event demonstrates the importance of EOSC for the advancement of research in Europe and introduces the new EOSC Portal. The EOSC Portal provides access to data, services and resources. It is a source of up-to-date information about the EOSC initiative, including best practices, governance and user stories. The team behind WeNMR develops data analytic tools for life scientists by integrating structural biology software, compute and data. Their online services are used by thousands of researchers studying molecular forces and biomolecular interactions to guide drug design, treatments and diagnostics. To give an example, HADDOCK has over 11500 registered users worldwide and in 2017-2018 was acknowledged in 350 papers. The WeNMR tools rely on EGI’s High-Throughput Compute service and are now available now through the EOSC Portal.