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Updated 24/10/2023

EGI Breaking Boundaries at eResearch Australasia Conference 2023

eResearch Australasia

EGI takes great pride in the distinguished participation of Marta Gutierrez, Community Support Specialist, as she delivered a compelling keynote presentation at the eResearch Australasia Conference 2023 on 19 October 2023. Her presentation, titled "Journey through Europe's Data Spaces and the GREAT Green Deal project," resonated with the conference's theme of advanced research capabilities.

Marta's keynote presentation provided a comprehensive exploration of the pioneering Green Deal Data Space and placed a particular focus on EGI's pivotal role in advancing Data Spaces, reaffirming our ongoing journey within the domain of data innovation.

"World wide collaborations are key to address global data challenges such as those arising from the policies outlined in the Green Deal. Australia represents a key nation with a vivid research community and key challenges that are aligned with the Green Deal’s agenda, e.g. the protection of coral reefs, tackling bushfires, water management, the interaction with indigenous communities and species." Marta Gutierrez, EGI Community Support Specialist

Our participation emerged from a successful session held at this year’s EGU General Assembly in Vienna, “Data Spaces: Battling Environmental and Earth Science Challenges with Floods of Data”, where Marta introduced the GREAT project and brought forward discussions concerning EGI’s contributions to cultivating collaborative ecosystems and supporting the course of digital transformation.

About eResearch 2023

The eResearch Australasia Conference 2023 served as a pivotal platform for attendees to engage, connect, and partake in the exchange of insights pertaining to cutting-edge research capabilities. It was a forum where scholars discussed how information and communication technologies empower researchers to effectively collaborate, collect, manage, share, process, analyse, store, find, understand, and recycle information.

Key Highlights

  • An opportunity to establish international collaborations to tackle the most pressing world  digital transformation challenges and the views and approaches from Australian researchers.
  • Australia’s approach to data sharing in the context of research repositories established at University level or via Thematic Data Commons activities for research infrastructures.
  • Europe’s approach to Data Spaces is a key activity that Australia wants to learn from and collaborate for best approaches to data innovation. Dedicated aspects on legislation e.g. on AI or the exploitation of data from multiple infrastructure paradigms (cloud, edge and HPC ) were of high interest to the community.

EGI and Data Spaces

EGI remains at the forefront of data innovation, continually contributing to the evolution of research capabilities and the transformation of the digital landscape. Be sure to stay connected for forthcoming updates!

eResearch Australasia Conference

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