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Updated 24/01/2022

Help us map the landscape of green computing activities

The EGI-ACE project established the Green Computing Task Force in 2021 to coordinate the Green Computing activities of the compute centres. The Task Force aims to map the landscape of green computing activities in EGI, capture good practices for green computing from the federation members, develop best practice guides for the EGI compute and data centres, and monitor the uptake and environmental impact of those during 2022 and 2023.

The first Kick-off meeting of the Green Computing Task Force took place in December 2021. The initial members of the Task Force are mainly the respondents to the Green Computing survey launched in July 2021. However, we hope more members will join by the end of the project.

So far, the task force members have agreed on a plan and a list of actions for the next 12 months. Our future newsletters newsletter issues will provide you with more updates.

We invite all interested colleagues and partners, including those who are not directly contributing to the EGI-ACE project, to join the Task Force! Send an email to EGI’s Senior Service Delivery Officer Catalin Condurache.