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Updated 08/04/2024

Job: Finance and Control Manager (Finance and Administrative Team Lead)

Job description

Start date: no later than 1st July 2024

EGI Foundation is looking to recruit a flexible and experienced Finance and Control Manager who will be involved in the daily financial and administrative management of the EGI Foundation, leading the implementation of a sound system of controls over financial reporting to ensure reliable and timely financial information in monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

The Finance and Control Manager holds the end responsibility for the financial activities of the EGI Foundation, including the planning and control of finance in grants and contracts participated by EGI Foundation. The Finance and Control Manager will be responsible for leading a growing Finance and Administrative team, currently including 5 staff.

The Finance and Control Manager will also support the EGI Foundation business strategy and will report to the EGI Foundation governance.

The total size of the EGI Foundation’s budget exceeds 6 Million € per year.

Job Summary

  • The Finance and Control Manager is responsible for the following tasks:
  • Manage finance and administrative activities within the EGI Foundation.
  • Plan, organise, direct, control and evaluate the operation of the Finance and Administration activities.
  • Develop and implement the financial policies, systems and procedures of the EGI Foundation.
  • Prepare or coordinate the preparation of financial statements, summaries, and other cost-benefit analyses and financial management reports.
  • Coordinate the financial planning and budget process, and analyse and correct estimates.
  • Oversee the management of payments and purchases.
  • Oversee the EGI Foundation budget in grants and contracts.
  • Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting procedures and financial and administrative activities, and make recommendations for the implementation of changes to procedures, operating systems, budgets and other financial control functions.
  • Lead the Finance and Administration Team. 
  • Recruit, organise, train and manage staff of the Finance and Administration Team.
  • Act as liaison between the organisation and its shareholders, and external entities involved in finance and administration activities.
  • Lead the participation of the Finance and Administration Team in financial audits and ISO certification programmes.
  • Lead the definition of quality and risk controls in the Finance and Administration area.
  • Notify and report to senior management concerning any trends that are critical to the organisation’s financial performance, and advise on financial issues.
  • Contribute to the realisation of the EGI Foundation medium- and long-term financial objectives.

The Finance and Control Manager leads the Finance and Administration Team.

Job Purpose and Responsibilities

  • To manage the Finance and Administration Team, taking the responsibility for the day-to-day management of the team by coordinating their participation in activities, monitoring the output and balancing the EGI Foundation human resources with the available resources.
  • Assist the HR Specialist in maintaining a seamless payroll process.
  • To prepare and manage the annual budget of the EGI Foundation.
  • To monitor expenditure and financial status of the EGI Foundation, to prepare internal reports, financial statements and projections and advise the Director about the planning, budgeting, reporting and control of the EGI Foundation finances and its annual budgets.
  • To manage cash flow and give visibility over cash flow to senior management.
  • To analyse financial data and influence decision-making on hiring, fundraising, business models and the project portfolio strategy.
  • To identify, assess, define, document, implement, evolve, and monitor business processes that affect the EGI Foundation financial reporting.
  • To identify, assess, define, document, implement, evolve and monitor financial procedures, policies and tools supporting finance and administration of the EGI Foundation, while ensuring conformance of the EGI Foundation accounting systems to financial regulations of the European Commission in the context of relevant projects.
  • To develop policies for controls and control objectives for financial reporting processes.
  • To lead, document and report on risk assessment of the business processes in respect of financial reporting, and design control for the adequacy and effectiveness of financial controls.
  • To liaise the Director and other staff in the preparation of budgets for events, tenders, contracts, and projects.
  • To participate in the recruitment and supervision of the Project & EGI Foundation Auditor, and to ensure EGI Foundation’s procedures comply with their activities.
  • To work closely with stakeholders across functions in a fast-paced environment, able to provide solutions to issues.
  • To support financial management and reporting for the projects that the EGI Foundation coordinates by: (i) advising on the financial reporting and structures used within the project; (ii) providing regular analysis of the use of project resources and resulting periodic cost claims, and (iii) advising in the drafting and implementation of any project amendments.
  • To provide the necessary administrative and financial support, reporting, and oversight in projects including: 
  • The monitoring and analysis of the project resource plan.
  • The advice and support to the preparation of project financial reports.
  • Insights in the area of financial risks and forecasts that are important for timely adjustment of project resources and finances.



  • With the Director, to whom the Finance and Control Manager is answerable.
  • With the Executive Team and Management Team for reporting, planning and anything related to strategic matters of the EGI Foundation and the execution of the EGI Foundation Annual Plan, including human and financial resource planning.
  • With the Director, Executive Board and Council for advice, reporting, and budget plans.
  • With the Executive Board and Council, for the definition of budget plans, the preparation of internal reports, and the management of payments and purchases.
  • With the project representatives within the EGI Foundation and the Project Management Team to provide advice on project finance administration matters and gather project financial data.
  • With the European Commission’s financial and legal services and external administrative, financial and legal contacts in EC funded projects for aspects around EC funding regulation and finance. 
  • With the Service Management System Manager for any matter that concerns the implementation and continual improvement of processes of the Integrated Management System in the areas of budgeting, accounting and finance administration. 
  • With the auditors to oversee the internal control of EGI Foundation policies and procedures, and the preparation of the annual financial report.


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance.
  • At least eight years of demonstrated experience in accounting and finance control.
  • At least three years of demonstrated experience in leading a Finance and Administration team.
  • Knowledge of financial, accounting and auditing procedures to work with service providers.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and communicate with different cultures and levels within the EGI Foundation.
  • Understanding of European Commission Framework Programme project finances and associated legal issues.
  • Understanding of costs of developing and delivering solutions and business models.
  • Understanding of the legal frameworks relevant to finance and accounting and tax regulations applicable in the Netherlands and more broadly in Europe. 
  • Demonstrated leadership and strategic thinking.
  • Good arithmetical skills.
  • Assertive, clear, and professional verbal and written communications and ability to effectively design and present information to senior management.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw conclusions.
  • Agility and ability to work effectively both as part of a team and independently.
  • Ability to occasionally travel within Europe.


  • This is a full-time (40 hours per week) position preferably based in Amsterdam. Other places within Europe might be considered, depending on demonstrated experience and in accordance with the EGI Foundation’s terms of employment. 
  • The position is offered for a period of one year, with the possibility of renewal upon satisfactory performance.
  • depending on demonstrated experience and in accordance with the EGI Foundation’s terms of employment.
  • Depending on experience, for an employee working in the Netherlands, gross salary for a full-time position will be in the range of € 5,919 to € 7,869 per month, with additional holiday (8% annual gross) and end of year (5% annual gross) bonuses. Employees stationed outside the Netherlands, the salary will be determined by applying the country-specific coefficient correction, and bonuses and benefits will be aligned with the local regulations of the respective country. 
  • In the Netherlands, employees are entitled to 31 days of annual leave (pro rata). For employees residing in other countries, the specific number of leave days may vary depending on the applicable national labour law regulations.
  • Non-native employees new to the Netherlands may be eligible for a special tax benefit, if moving to the Netherlands.

Equal opportunities

The EGI Foundation is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunities employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age or veteran status.

Process and timeline

  • Expected starting date: As soon as possible and no later than 1st July 2024


To apply

To apply, we invite you to send us the following two items by email, to

  • A cover letter (in PDF format) explaining your motivation for applying and how you meet the requirements outlined above
  • A CV (in PDF format), max 3 pages

Only complete applications will be considered.

Thank you for your interest!