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New science case supported by EGI-ACE

Updated 23/02/2022

EGI-ACE supports a series of science cases, detailing how the project contributes to the advancement of research and studies for a specific community. The collaboration between the project and the communities served is detailed in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) document, which is public and available on the EGI repository.

This month, we showcase the ENES use case. 

The European Network for Earth System modelling (ENES) was launched in 2001 with a network of about 50 groups including public, academic and industrial partners. Since then, the parties work together and cooperate to discuss possible strategies to accelerate progress in climate, Earth system modelling and understanding.

ENES community started collaborating with EGI within the European Open Science Cloud context, in particular in the EOSC-Hub project, delivering the ECAS (ENES Climate Analytics Service) Thematic Service which targets analytics needs from the community. 

The collaboration continues via the EGI-ACE project to create the ENES Data Space, which delivers an open, scalable, cloud-enabled data science environment for climate data analysis on top of the EOSC Compute Platform and the ECAS service. It provides both storage and computational capabilities offering a Jupyter notebooks interface for running data manipulation, analysis, visualization, and a data publication service enabling file browsing and data access for scientific datasets. Thanks to the SLA agreed with EGI, the TR-FC1-ULAKBIM resource provider from Turkey is supporting the operation of the ENES Data Space, offering more than 170 vCPU cores, 170GB of RAM and 300TB of block storage.

The ENES Data Space is now available as a service to the EOSC community and available from the EOSC Marketplace.

Check the SLA on the EGI repository.

Check the ENES Case Study and the other Case Studies supported by EGI-ACE.

Participate in the webinar about the ENES Data Space on March 9, 2022, at 2 PM CET.