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openEO Platform – Earth Observation analysis on federated infrastructure

Updated 09/01/2023

openEO Platform enables users to access a large collection of open Earth Observation data and perform scientific computations with intuitive client libraries simplifying underlying complexity. The platform is currently under construction with a strong focus on user co-creation and input from various disciplines incorporating a range of use-cases and a free-of-charge Early Adopter program that allows users to test the platform and to directly communicate with its developers. Currently, three backends support the processing of Earth Observation analysis on pixel to continental scale.

The Platform offers processing capabilities for a wide variety for Earth Observation workflows (e.g., Optical, SAR). All data is exposed as data cube to the user so that the complexity of file handling and data loading is abstracted away and users can immediately start with implementing their processing workflows. Continuously, the consortium of 10 partners work on the expansion of available data collections to enable users to run their analysis with openEO. With the Check-in service, EGI provides the central user authentication and access mechanism for the project which allows the platform developers to focus on the essential development and implementation of user requests. For interaction with the platform the check-in service is implemented in all three client libraries (Python, R and JavaScript) and in both programming environments (JupyterLab and WebEditor).

openEO Platform offers to any user a 30-day trial package available for booking in the service offering, which allows the users to test the platform for their analysis. Furthermore, for scientific and non-commercial use openEO Platform collaborates with the C-SCALE project, which enables users to run large scale use cases on the platform. Users are supported with a extensive documentation website or directly receive support from developers through the openEO Platform Forum. Please feel free to get in touch through the forum or visit the website for more info.