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The EGI Project Portfolio: an overview

The EGI Project Portfolio counts 32 projects running, additional 16 proposals submitted in 2022.

The EGI Federation is key in the project delivery, contributing to offering a stable platform for services EGI and its project partners can build on. The portfolio evolves in three areas and directions:

  • Support for new communities and new sectors: these are the projects thanks to which EGI can work with the RIs and the communities of practice, or with communities exploring the use of Big Data to serve the public sector, or with the industry;
  • Innovating new technical offerings: these projects contribute to bringing multidisciplinary and thematic technical innovation to our infrastructure;
  • Exploring new directions: with these projects, EGI can understand the development priorities and the long-term directions in the research and innovation landscape.

Out of the 32 projects running, EGI coordinates three of them with a significant number of members involved there.

EGI-ACE is a 30-month project with a mission to empower researchers from all disciplines to...


iMagine provides a portfolio of ‘free at point of use’ image datasets, high-performance image analysis...


interTwin co-designs and implements the prototype of an interdisciplinary Digital Twin Engine( DTE), an open...

Other two projects, even though not coordinated, see a significant EGI membership and drive:

Federating European EO Services


The Green Deal Data Space Foundation and its Community of Practice

Three cross-cutting themes, such as EOSC, AI on Demand and Data spaces, recur across the EGI project portfolio and position EGI in the EC Framework for Cloud Federation, common European Data Spaces and AI.


The projects contribute to shaping the EGI Service Strategy, in particular:

  1. SO1. A Federated Compute Continuum: EGI-ACE: HTC-Cloud-HPC with AAI + data staging + container execution; UNLOCK-CEI: Cloud-to-Edge IoT
  2. SO2. Federated Data Lakes and repositories: Data Spaces projects
  3. SO3. Data analytics and scientific tools, including AI: AI-related projects
  4. SO4. Professional support and consultancy: the creation of the Shepherd role in EGI-ACE in addition to the project’s open calls; Distributed Competence Centres
  5. SO5. Investigation of a trusted compute platform for sensitive data processing: LETHE: Secure configuration and contract with an EGI Cloud provider; HealthyCloud: Landscape of solutions and approaches for Health and Research Innovation Cloud.

Eight new projects will start in January 2023, complementing the service offered to our stakeholders and allowing us to expand community outreach and support, develop innovative services, and explore new directions for future endeavours.