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Advancing towards a brighter future: the cutting-edge of the TANGO project

Updated 26/04/2023

TANGO aims to address environmental degradation and climate change by establishing a secure, citizen-centric, and trustworthy data-sharing process. The project will develop innovative solutions and technologies for data management, including data collection, processing, analysis, sharing, and storage. This will result in a novel platform that is user-friendly, secure, trustworthy, compliant, fair, transparent, accountable, and environmentally sustainable. The TANGO platform will promote trustworthy social interactions and unlock the innovation potential of digital technologies for decentralized, privacy-preserving applications. With 37 key partners from 13 countries, TANGO is well-positioned to provide a high-impact solution in various domains, supporting numerous beneficiaries across Europe.

TANGO has started working on the infrastructure's requirements, specifications and reference architecture to achieve the project's goals. Here's an update on the project after a few months from the start; EGI is continuously contributing to the various tasks, bringing its expertise to support them.

  • First, the project focused on research and analysis of current technologies and end-user perceptions regarding trust management, privacy-preserving mechanisms, and green operations using blockchain, smart contracts, and AI. The aim was to identify challenges and obstacles to adoption, generate journey maps for citizens and system administrators, and define how the platform will go beyond state-of-the-art with original and ground-breaking technologies. A reusability analysis was also conducted to explore existing solutions that could be used in the TANGO architecture to avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • Then, the project started gathering and organising users' needs and requirements through interviews, questionnaires, and other sources, organised with epics, stories, and tasks identified and prioritized based on feedback from project participants and stakeholders. The approach ensures that requirements will be regularly reviewed and adapted as new requirements emerge and priorities change.
  • After that, to determine the technical requirements and specifications for the TANGO platform, the project started focusing on studying the state-of-the-art in key technological areas and establishing a threat portfolio to guide the development of automated trust management and storage solutions, to help define the overall system design and functional architecture of the TANGO platform.
  • Last but not least, detailed use case scenarios for the TANGO solution in various business domains, including smart hospitality, autonomous vehicles, banking, retail, visa application, and manufacturing, will be defined and based on personas, describing both the basic and alternate flows and the individual technology offerings involved in each scenario will also be identified. The use case scenarios will be used to demonstrate and validate the solution during the project pilots. An evaluation protocol with specific KPIs will be defined to establish a baseline for comparison and evaluate the success of each pilot.

Find out more about TANGO on the dedicated website, and don't miss the lightning talk on the pilots at #EGI2023!