A joint service catalogue for research

Blog posted on behalf of our colleague, Sergio Andreozzi, who attended the e-IRG workshop in November 2016.


Last week, I attended the e-IRG workshop as an invited speaker to report on the work towards a “joint service catalogue for research”. This work started almost a year ago as a bottom-up initiative among e-Infrastructures to define a common approach of describing the services that e-Infrastructures can provide. The goal is to simplify how research communities discover and understand the best services they can use to support their research workflows. This work will be taken forward by a new H2020 project called eInfraCentral that will start in January 2017. The workshop attendees were interested in the perspectives of this activity, especially on how the scope could be expanded to include services from the research communities and also on how this can become a building block of the emerging European Open Science Cloud. The eInfraCentral project will run a survey in early 2017 to collect requirements from the user communities, therefore if you want to contribute, stay tuned for more news. The workshop also gave the opportunity to provide feedback to the draft update of the e-IRG roadmap. You can read the inputs from the EGI Foundation in the collaborative platform.