Bridging science with society: EGI and LifeWatch

Tiziana Ferrari, Technical Director at the EGI Foundation, attended the conference “Demystifying Science – getting out of the lab and into society” hosted by REIsearchElsevier and Sense about Science in Brussels on June 15.

The event brought together actors from EU Institutions, academia, not-for-profits and industry to discuss the role and importance of science to society. Tiziana gave a presentation on a joint pilot project led by EGI and LifeWatch where citizens can share pictures of their natural observations, which are then processed, curated and stored in an international repository for biodiversity.

LifeWatch is a large European research infrastructure set up to address problems in biodiversity and ecosystems, and to support decision making in environmental management. An EGI-LifeWatch competence centre supports LW to make the best use of EGI’s resources, facilities and expertise.

This collaboration aims at making a difference to citizen science by:

  • integrating multiple open data sources and providing virtual research environments;
  • bringing 5,000 CPU cores and PB of data into the EGI Federated Cloud;
  • supporting citizen scientists by providing advanced computing capabilities for image recognition;
  • preserving uploaded images (new open data for citizens).

EGI is dedicated to supporting research communities and to providing the best services for science. The LifeWatch Competence Centre is run by Jesus Marco de Lucas and Fernando Aguilar.