Building the Data Science Profession – EDISON

The EDISON project, where is a consortium member, started in September 2015 with the purpose of accelerating the process of establishing the profession of Data Scientist, which is defined as an expert who is capable both to extract meaningful value from the data collected and also manage the whole lifecycle of Data, including supporting Scientific Data e-Infrastructures.

Last week at the EGI Community Forum in Bari, EDISON held a workshop to advance towards a sustainable business model that will ensure a significant increase in the number and quality of data scientists graduating from universities and being trained by other professional education and training institutions in Europe.

Sessions were dedicated to understanding the demand of data science skills and competences on one hand, while on the other outlining the academic supply of data science.

Participants received valuable information regarding:

  • The EDISON inventory and taxonomy by providing an overview of existing curricula, training programmes and related educational resources
  • The Body of Knowledge for Data Science, common conceptual elements and gaps among the existing offerings
  • Data Science Model Curriculum
  • Current state of demand of Data Science skills and competences including from both e-Infrastructures industry perspectives.

The establishment of the Data Scientist as a new profession is a long process, starting from the solid theoretical background all the way to the practical process of certifying the acquired skills.

Ultimately, EDISON will:

  • Promote the creation of Data Scientists curricula by an increasing number of universities and professional training organisations.
  • Provide conditions and environment for re-skilling and certifying Data Scientists expertise to graduates, practitioners and researchers throughout their careers.
  • Develop a sustainable business model and a roadmap to achieve a high degree of competitiveness for European education and training on Data Science technologies

Check out all of the presentations online at: