DI4R 2017 associated event: AEGIS workshop

The AARC Engagement Group for Infrastructures (AEGIS) brings together representatives from research infrastructures and e-infrastructures, operators of AAI services and the AARC team to bridge communication gaps and make the most of common synergies. This workshop will offer an interactive session where researchers and research infrastructures present their use-cases and describe how they do their daily work and which obstacles they face to access resources.

Programme of the workshop:

  • Introduction of the day and how we will work together;
  • Federated Access management: why, how and when;
  • Let’s talk: round tables to  understand who the researchers are, where they are, their main requirements (enhance and extend FIM4R), and main problems they encounter;
  • Let’s talk: round table to understand what AAI services are available and what they mean for the researchers. Inputs to define a roadmap for the next 2 years;
  • Summary of main findings and identify where work should continue (AEGIS, EOSC, GN4, and others).

Registration for the event is now open!