EGI supports Belgian SME training in Computational Fluid Dynamics

Numeca International, a Belgian SME, in partnership with its Italian distributor, NSI, held a training workshop in the Milan World Join Center on 24 November 2016 to demonstrate the best techniques and most advanced technologies for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based on Numeca’s AutoMesh™ grid generation suite that leverages UberCloud containers (an EGI business partner) to offer fast, high fidelity meshes to hundreds of customers.

EGI cloud providers, CESNET (Czech Republic) and FZ Jülich (Germany) provided the underlying compute facilities allowing for the ~10 training participants to have hands-on experience using the software and applications, such as AutoGrid5™, the reference in the Turbomachinery market, HEXPRESS™, Numeca’s full hexa unstructured mesh generator, and HEXPRESS/Hybrid™ producing ultra-fast unstructured hex-dominant conformal meshes of complex geometries, starting from unclean CAD data, run on multiple processors, in order to gain experience with specific solvers that offer a versatile solution adapted to all kinds of industrial applications,

This training was considered a first trial for Numeca using the UberCloud containers on EGI’s cloud platform as a basis for a future partnership, which was a direct result from the joint webinar held by EGI and UberCloud on 20 October 2016 “How SMEs Can Use EGI’s Cloud for Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)“.

Due to both the participants and trainers expressing a positive experience with the performance of the containers, discussions are underway for how EGI can continue to support R&D projects and future commercial trainings.