Highlights: the 2nd ENVRI Week

09-13 May 2016

The 2nd ENVRI Week gathered over 200 scientists, researchers and developers in Zandvoort, the Netherlands, to review its first year progress and discuss future collaborations.

EGI leads the tasks for supporting service validation and deployments. Although officially starting from the second year, a lot of work has been done in identifying use cases and establishing agile development groups to support them. These activities create efficient communication channels amongst the 21 participating environmental research infrastructures, and result in many self-formed collaborations.

In order to help the ENVRI community to better understand the technology of e-Infrastructures, EGI provides training events during the ENVRI weeks based on community interests. Moreover, EGI designs workshops tailored to ENVRI use cases.

We look forward to the next ENVRI week in Prague, November 14-18.