New AARC milestone completed

A new milestone of the AARC project was recently achieved.

The deliverable is called Design for the integration of an Attribute Management Tool and it analyses the tools and technologies that can be used to implement an integrated and interoperable AAI (authentication and authorisation infrastructure) for the research & educational community.

A few points extracted from the deliverable:

– The design of an integrated AAI for the R&E community must take into account a multi-protocol scenario – the document examines the mapping among different protocols and attribute translation
– The attribute authorities were analysed by their delegation and aggregation capabilities
– Mapping of group membership information to authorisation was also analysed

Two main issues addressed are the limitations in defining attributes and VOs for research communities in their home organisations, and the added complexity of a multi-protocol digital identity landscape.

In the context of EGI, attribute management is the key for enabling distributed collaborations on federated resources. EGI already has solutions for attribute management, and through the collaboration with AARC we are aiming at extending the portfolio of attribute management solutions available in the EGI infrastructure.

The ultimate goal is to improve the user experience as much as possible and to make the integration of new user communities as easy as possible.

Read the full deliverable.