Training material targeted at identity providers

The deliverable “DNA2.4 Training material targeted at identity providers” is available on the AARC website.

The analysis of user communities’ requirements that was led by AARC highlighted the need for a training module targeted at identity providers, in order for them to adopt a scalable attribute release configuration in federation and interfederation.

Insufficient attribute release by IdPs is considered by user communities as the major problem today in the eduGAIN space. Therefore, there was a clear requirement in AARC to produce training that helps to mitigate the attribute release problem.

The aim of this training module is to help Federation Operators present scalable attribute release to their Identity Operators and help them understand the issues surrounding their current configurations, inform them about theoretical and practical solutions to the issues, both from the technical and legal point of view, and give them the tools that ease the Identity Provider configuration for a possibly scalable attribute release.


Article contributed by Maria Laura Mantovani as member of the AARC team 

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