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Data spaces and processing tools for EOSC

Data spaces and processing tools for EOSC

Leveraging the EOSC Compute Platform, EGI-ACE is setting up a thriving collection of thematic services in EOSC (data spaces and processing tools). The services are built by scientific communities, research infrastructures and projects by integrating scientific datasets and applications with the EOSC Compute platform. The project consortium includes 13 Data Spaces and Processing Tools from Health and Medicine, Climate Research, Energy and Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities.

The project supports the setup of additional thematic services via its user engagement programme. The services are registered in EOSC Portal and are open for any researcher to perform scalable scientific data analysis. The services facilitate research and development activities, reduce development time for digital science, and contribute to the cross-fertilisation of knowledge across disciplines.


Health and medicine

Open, reproducible, web-based platform for data intensive research

European Galaxy Server – Open, reproducible, web-based platform for data intensive research

Integrative modelling of biomolecular complexes

Visualisation of interaction space between two molecules

Fit an atomic model with a electron density map

Identify Hot-Spots at protein-protein interfaces

Web portal for the refinement of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) structures of macromolecules

Climate research

On-demand operational coastal forecast service

Data science environment for climate data analysis on top of the EOSC Compute Platform

Environmental sciences

Software package for the analysis, exploration and visualization of oceanographic and other environmental data with almost 100, 000 registrations

Explore the Data Tools and download Data from EMSO Observatories

COMCOT – Tsunami wave propagation simulation portal

Access to occurrence biodiversity data published by Portuguese providers, or by international providers for Portugal

Energy and physical sciences

Enabling HTC & HPC applications opportunistically across private, academic and public clouds

Providing a service to generate science-ready LOFAR data, enabling discoveries in astronomy to happen faster and more easily

Social sciences and humanities

The OPERAS Metrics service provides an Open Source tool able to collect usage and alternative metrics for Open Access publications

Value for Scientific Communities

  • Streamlined support and communication through the use case shepherds and with access to experts for consultancy to select the most suitable types and combination of compute and related platform/data services to realise a use case.
  • Build partnership with national providers for long-term usage of their compute resources.
  • Free-at-point-of-use access to national and relevant international capacity.
  • Increase user base and reusability of their services
  • Development of sustainability plans for operation beyond the lifetime of the project

Value for EOSC

  • Contribution to the EOSC Data Commons through the setup and provisioning of ‘Data Spaces’
  • Contributions to multiple EOSC strategic objectives as defined by the PPP/SRIA.
  • Development of guidelines and best practice approaches on how to set up and operate data spaces.

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