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1st Symposium of Research Infrastructures

7 May 2024 - Madrid, Spain
RICH Symposium on RIs

The symposium will be the occasion to highlight Horizon Europe's support for open science, showcase relevant funded projects, educate national contact points, and encourage dialogue on global research infrastructures.

The Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII) will host the event.

You can use the QR code in the Save the Date or this link to register.

The programme is organised in three sessions:

  • Session I: How RIs can benefit from EOSC in the implementation of the open science
  • Session II: Open Science practices in the Research Infrastructure WP framework: experience learnt & feedback to the Open Science policy
  • Session III: How Research Infrastructures can contribute to the European Research Area: experiences from EU projects & outlook to priorities in the future

EGI at the first Symposium of Research Infrastructures

We'll be actively involved in two key sessions, showcasing how EGI's services and ongoing projects drive a greener and more collaborative research landscape.

Join us at these sessions:

Session 1: How the Research Infrastructure Work Programme supports the green/digital transition

Talk on iMagine & GreenDigit (Speaker TBC - Alvaro Lopez Garcia, CSIC): Dive into EGI's contributions to the green and digital transition through the iMagine and GreenDigit projects. We'll explore how these initiatives support environmental research and foster sustainable research practices within the Research Infrastructure Work Programme.

Session 2: How the Research Infrastructure Work Programme supports the interaction of research infrastructures, e-infrastructures and stakeholders

Talk on EGI: Bridging the Gap between Research Infrastructures with ENVRI-Hub NEXT and interTwin" (Speaker: Isabel Campos, CSIC and EGI Executive Board). Discover how digital infrastructures like EGI support Research Infrastructures. Delve into projects like SPECTRUM, ENVRI-Hub NEXT, and interTwin that are supporting the RIs and facilitating interaction among them.