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How to use accelerated computing resources in EGI for supporting Ukraine researchers

12 December 2022, 2 PM CET
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The online seminar aims to address several topics, including:

  • Provide an overview about the EGI Infrastructure,
  • Introduce how researchers can get access to GPU resources offered by EGI for supporting advanced research, and
  • Provide consultancy and technical assistance for helping Ukraine researchers in supporting scientific activities.
Some background

Ukraine participates to the EGI Federation, and since February 2022, EGI has been following closely the situation of the war in Ukraine, also discussing ways to support the scientific communities and our colleagues there.

Here are the the ongoing support activities:

  • EGI will open its infrastructure for use by the Ukrainian research community: this will happen with the collection of the specific needs of the scientific community in Ukraine, by enabling dedicated pool of resources from our providers, and offering the EGI-ACE call for use cases as a way to support the research.
  • EGI will help the Ukrainian community with the use of our resources: with the creation of science stories demonstrating the use of the infrastructure in different science fields, offering trainings on how to use the infrastructure and contributing to national events in Ukraine.
  • EGI will collaborate with its peers and projects supporting Ukraine.

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