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The interTwin Digital Twin Engine: Discover the Physics Use Cases


interTwin is co-designing its Digital Twin Engine (DTE) together with use case representatives from research communities in various fields including Physics, in particular High Energy Physics, Gravitational Wave Astrophysics and Radio Astronomy. 

These use cases are developing DT Applications, which will benefit from the multi-domain Digital Twin Engine (DTE) software components and computing infrastructure. 

During this webinar, the project and the Digital Twin Engine will be introduced and use case leads will guide the audience through the goal and implementation status of their DT Applications.


Introduction to the project and the Digital Twin Engine:  Andrea Manzi (EGI) – 15’

Use Cases:

  • A Digital Twin for Fast Particle Detector Simulation, speaker: Kalliopi Tsolaki, CERN – 15’  including questions 
  • GlitchFLow: a Digital Twin for the Virgo Gravitational Wave Interferometer, speaker: Lorenzo Asprea, INFN – 15’  including questions
  • ML-PPA: a Digital Twin for Pulsar Studies in Radio Astronomy, speaker: Yurii Pidopryhora, MPG – 15’   including questions
  •  A Digital Twin for Lattice QCD Simulations, speaker: Javad Komijani ETHZ, 15’ including questions

Q&A – 10’ – Final Questions

June 25 2024
14:00 CEST