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How Green Is My Infrastructure?

Green Computing - What We Have Done So You Can Do It Too

About this webinar


One of the core reasons for having a green task force in this project is to identify and share good practice as regards green computing. With this in mind, we have planned a number of dissemination activities starting with this webinar. This first webinar will allow members of the task force to share their experiences with the wider community. 

It will take the form of a series of “Lightning” style talks/provocations where targeted individuals who participated in the Green computing survey will share what they have done (and in some cases what that plan to do) when “Greenifying” their infrastructure and data centres (highlighting key problems and solutions along the way). These provocations will be followed by a question and answer session. It’s a quick win for both the task force and the community. 


About the speakers

The confirmed speakers are members of the EGI-ACE Green Computing Task Force.


30 March 2022
2 PM- 3 PM CET