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EGI Check-in is a proxy service that operates as a central hub to connect federated Identity Providers (IdPs) with EGI service providers. Check-in allows users to select their preferred IdP so that they can access and use EGI services in a uniform and easy way.

Main characteristics:

  • Enables multiple federated authentication sources using different technologies
  • Increased productivity and security
  • Federated in eduGAIN as a service provider, publishing REFEDS RnS and Sirtfi compliance
  • User registration portal to allow accounts-linking
  • Combines user attributes originating from various authoritative sources (IdPs and attribute provider services) and delivers them to the connected EGI service providers in a transparent way.

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Use Case

Check-in is successfully integrated with the ELIXIR AAI infrastructure, which operates both an IdP and attribute provider service to manage user accounts and personal attributes for every ELIXIR user. The EGI AAI proxy was integrated with the ELXIR AAI to enable members of the ELIXIR community to access EGI services.