EGI Federation Home


Collaboration tools for the EGI Federation

You can access EGI collaboration services using the same username and password (Single Sign On – SSO).

Check whether you already have an account or create a new one.

Group owners can manage group members here, and send invitations to new users. Groups are used in intranet services for authorisation.

The EGI wiki is based on Confluence.

We have many spaces (public and private) with many useful information.

EGI mailing lists (canonical form: are managed by their owners via through SSO accounts. List administrators can find some helpful information on the Mailing Lists Administration page.

The DocDB document database stores all EGI documentation and files. All users with an SSO account can log in. Groups are used for restricting access to documents.

The EGI Foundation uses Indico to plan and manage meetings, from small workshops to large-scale conferences. All users with an SSO account can use it there. (Indico also has its own local accounts, which can be used by people who do not want an EGI SSO account, but want to register to some meeting in Indico.)

We have a JIRA-based ticketing system