CYFRONET wins bid in the HNSciCloud tender awards

The awards ceremony for the successful bidders of the Helix Nebula Science Cloud tender took place in France this November. A total of 28 multinational companies, SMEs and public research organisations from 12 countries submitted bids during the summer.

One of the bids was one won by CYFRONET, the organisation that represents Poland in the EGI Council.

The Helix Nebula – the Science Cloud is a €5.3 million Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) tender for the establishment of a European hybrid cloud platform to support the deployment of high-performance computing and big-data capabilities for scientific research.

CYFRONET will join the rest of the winning consortia in working on the design of the future hybrid cloud platform.

The results of this design phase will again be part of a competitive tender, of which only the three most convincing design studies will go to the next phase: solution prototyping.

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