EGI and LSGC join forces to support life sciences

We are happy to announce an agreement between a group of EGI data centres and the Life Science Grid Community.

The Life-Science Grid Community (LSGC) is a virtual research community that supports life-science applications on the EGI federation. The community is made of research groups from universities, research centres, hospitals and it covers scientific domains such as bioinformatics, genomics, and systems biology.

The agreement will allow these research groups to use EGI High-Throughput Compute and Online Storage services to conduct their research activities and contribute to the development of the life sciences field.

The EGI data centres offering the services are:

In total, the 11 centres offered more than 26TB of storage and about 45M of CPU hours.

Giuseppe La Rocca, Technical Outreach Expert and Małgorzata Krakowian, Senior Operations Officer at the EGI Foundation, facilitated the establishment of Service Level Agreements: “Guaranty of large-scale computing and storage resources is vital for the sustainability of the Life Science Grid Community. To meet this need, EGI facilitates the establishing of an agreement between the community and resource providers to formalise the promise and the clear intentions to collaborate and support for LSGC activities”.

Enrico Mazzoni, System and Network Manager at INFN-PISA, also comments: “The INFN-PISA computational environment has grown as a multidisciplinary centre in the last few years and is proud to support the life science community”.