EGI joins the EMSODEV project in observing climate change effects

We are proud to announce an agreement (Service Level Agreement) between a group of EGI data centres and the EMSODEV project.

The EMSODEV project has a goal of facilitating the analysis of climate change and pollution in seafloor ecosystems thanks to the optimisation of the data flow acquired by marine observations. The project is conducted by ten European countries under the coordination of the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV).

Thanks to this agreement, that will be valid for at least one year, EMSODEV will have access to EGI Cloud Compute and Online Storage services. The project will use these resources to prototype and deploy a data management platform to support the scientific activities of a large scale marine research infrastructure.

Lucio Badiali, Data Management Leader at INGV, elaborates on the agreement: “The EMSODEV project started a collaboration with EGI to develop cloud services and resources for the design and implementation of the EMSODEV Data Management Platform (DMP). EMSODEV developed the DMP platform on top of the EGI Federated Cloud with the EGI support on virtualisation, storage, networking and security. The experimental prototype of the DMP is now fully integrated with the EGI Federated Cloud services.”

The EGI cloud providers involved are:

CESGA (Spain)


NCG-INGRID-PT (Portugal)


In total, the 4 providers offered 9TB of storage capacity and about 340 virtual CPU cores.

Giuseppe La Rocca and Diego Scardaci, Technical Outreach Experts at the EGI Foundation, are confident that this agreement will create a reliable and trust-based communication channel between the EMSODEV project and the cloud providers which expressed their interest in supporting EMSODEV’s activities.

Furthermore, Giacinto Donvito, Technologist and System Administrator at INFN-Bari, comments on the SLA: “The ReCaS-Bari is a joint effort between INFN-Bari and Università degli Studi di Bari. We are happy to support the EMSODEV project and other diverse use cases to test the provided technical solutions on heterogeneous user requirements both from the performance and functionality point of view.”