EGI-UberCloud Partnership: Bridging Research and Innovation

EGI is proud to announce a collaboration with UberCloud based on a shared vision to embrace distributed computing, storage and data related technologies.

The agreement is grounded on a joint commitment to increase IT resources in order to speed up time to market and enable development and innovation of new and more competitive products and services.

UberCloud is the community and online marketplace for engineers and scientists to discover, try and buy computing resources and software on demand, with currently over 3,000 users and partners in 70 countries.
Partnerships with private companies such as UberCloud play a key role in EGI’s strategy to deliver value to its academia and research sector stakeholders.
EGI has a mandate to share the benefits of e-Infrastructure technology and services with industry, to support both new business users and developers, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
To this effect, EGI has a business engagement programme to support commercial partners, offering a framework for identifying areas of mutual benefit and formalising relationships with commercial organisations. Collaboration can range from providing computing capacity, developing or integrating software products to sharing expertise and knowledge, market intelligence and promotion.
Activities within the EGI/UberCloud collaboration will focus on:
  • Establishing an EGI Store with service descriptions in the UberCloud marketplace
  • Facilitating interaction with interested European SMEs
  • Identifying UberCloud application containers to run on EGI Federated Cloud
  • Exchanging experience for outreach/marketing and input to the EGI marketplace and joint promotion
This collaboration will be of mutual benefit for EGI and for UberCloud”, says Wolfgang Gentzsch, President of UberCloud.
He adds: “Through our online marketplace EGI can directly address its services to our industry community, while we can reach out to EGI’s scientific community through the EGI FedCloud, which can benefit from UberCloud’s packaged computing and application software services, known as containers.”
EGI is excited for this new opportunity that UberCloud has offered and looks forward to working with a number of companies to deliver or develop solutions they need.