Joining forces with the NextGEOSS project

We are pleased to announce that EGI will participate in the NextGEOSS project.

NextGEOSS proposes to develop the next generation centralised hub for Earth Observation data, where the users can connect to access data and deploy EO-based applications. The concept revolves around providing the data and resources to the users communities, together with cloud resources, seamlessly connected to provide an integrated ecosystem for supporting applications.

The project has a special focus on encouraging and stimulating data exploitation by businesses. The NextGEOSS consortium is composed of leading European companies and institutions, active in many Earth Observation-related activities and many other European and international projects.

EGI will offer technical advice and consultancy to the project to identify the best ways of getting scientific and/or commercial applications up and running on an integrated cloud platform. This includes serving as a matchmaker for users and the appropriate service provider across the EGI Federation and beyond.

EGI has a mission to create and deliver open solutions for science and research infrastructures by federating digital capabilities, resources and expertise between communities and across national boundaries.