New collaboration: EGI – the DRIHM project

The EGI Foundation is pleased to announce an agreement between a group of EGI resource centres and the Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology project (DRIHM).

The DRIHM project is a prototype research infrastructure for simulating extreme hydro-meteorological events such as flash flooding. The project enabled a step change in how scientists can approach the study of high impact weather events: more functionality, more efficiency and faster results.

Thanks to this agreement, DRIHM will be able to access the HTC and Online Storage services needed for the project’s research activities. The resource centres involved in the agreement that will be valid for at least one year are the following:

– HG-09-Okeanos-Cloud (GRNET, Greece)

– AM-01-IIAP (Armenia)


In total, the 3 resource centres have offered 50 million hours of computing time and more than 10 TB storage capacity.

Giuseppe la Rocca, Technical Outreach Expert at the EGI Foundation mediated the agreement and says: “The benefits of this SLA agreement are manifold. For the research community the benefits are represented by the possibility to better plan future activities and their research programmes using the HTC resources offered by resource centres. From the other hand, these resource centres can have recognised their active role during this collaboration and being explicitly acknowledged by the community. Lastly, for EGI the benefits are represented by the possibility to promote its services with funding agencies and policy makers at national and European level”.

Kostas Koumantaros, Software Engineer & Program Manager at GRNET, also comments: “GRNET has the mandate to support local user communities and public authorities in Greece, the area of Hydro-Meteorology is of great interest for both the local research communities and Civil Protection authorities thus it was straightforward to offer resources and support for DRIHM in order to gain access to tools, workflows, expertise and data provided by DRIHM.“