New EGI Accounting Portal is ready for use

We are thrilled to announce that the new EGI Accounting Portal is in production.

The Accounting Portal is an EGI online tool that provides data accounting views for researchers, virtual organisations (VOs) managers, national e-Infrastructure operations and the general public. It gives information on the usage of EGI resources and allows for an accurate measuring of the e-infrastructure impact.

The new portal has an improved interface and look & feel and it makes it easier to track infrastructure trends, browse through the reports and follow the usage of scientific disciplines. The portal also includes new reports (such as a list of the most used federated data centres), an online help tool and a restricted view section that provides extra information (e.g. sensitive data) for researchers and VO managers.

Almost 300 million computing jobs were run on the EGI infrastructure in the last 6 months (August 2016 to February 2017) with over 10 billion of normalised CPU hours being consumed.

The most used computing resources come from the data centres of CERN (Switzerland), RAL (UK) and INFN (Italy).
The Accounting Portal is a tool made possible with the help of the EGI cloud provider CESGA.

Have a look at the Accounting Portal and browse through its features.

Read more information on the EGI Accounting Service.