New FedCloud paper: OCCI for OpenStack

The EGI Federated Cloud team recently published an article about the implementation of the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) for OpenStack, named ‘ooi’.

The paper, entitled “ooi: OpenStack OCCI interface“, was published online with open access in SoftwareX Journal.
As Alvaro Lopez Garcia, a Distributed Computing Researcher at CSIC, describes it: “OCCI is an open standard, defining a RESTful API for managing all kind of cloud resources, allowing for the development of interoperable tools and systems”.

One of the main features of this OCCI implementation for OpenStack is that it is more integrated with the OpenStack architecture and easier to deploy by operators. It also aims to be independent from the original version so that no upgrades are needed whenever the OpenStack is upgraded.

Alvaro explains: “Instead of using the OpenStack internal APIs that are subject to change between releases, we are using the public APIs that are versioned. The OpenStack public API contract ensures that no backward incompatible changes are introduced between minor releases, therefore it is easier to support several OpenStack versions, without upgrade impact. Moreover, ‘ooi’ architecture makes it possible to deploy several OCCI endpoints with the same installation”.

The software produced was developed as a joint effort of EGI-Engage and INDIGO-Datacloud H2020 projects and will be used by the OpenStack sites inside the EGI Federated Cloud.

Some key benefits are an open standard to the users and a stable implementation for the resource providers, thus facilitating the interoperability and cooperation between the two parts.

“The promotion of open standards is one of the keys to success of the science clouds”, Alvaro concludes.