New service level agreement: EGI and ERIC-CLL

The EGI Foundation is pleased to announce a service level agreement (SLA) between the EGI BEgrid-BELNET service provider, supported by BELSPO (Belgium), and the European Research Initiative on CLL.

The European Research Initiative on CLL is an European organisation devoted to improving the outcome of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and related diseases. Thanks to the agreement, ERIC CLL will be able to access the  Cloud Compute services needed for their activities. In total, BEgrid-BELNET has pledged 22 virtual CPU cores, 24GB of RAM and 1TB of Storage.

Giuseppe la Rocca, Technical Outreach Expert at the EGI Foundation, mediated the agreement and says: “The agreement offers ERIC-CLL the opportunity to access cloud-based computing and storage resources which can be used to contribute to the organisation’s research progresses. We are very proud to support that.”

Professor Paolo Ghia, ERIC President, says: “We expect that this collaboration between EGI and ERIC will strengthen the perception of the importance of e-infrastructures within the biomedical communities, as well as act as a catalyst for further development of integrated computational analysis services focused on CLL data, that may lead to an improvement of our patients’ care.”

Stéphane Gerard, representing BEgrid-BELNET, adds: “The ERICLL use case fits very well the capacity of our site. By supporting it, we have a new opportunity to enrich our experience in supporting a wider range of scientific disciplines.”

The details of the agreement can be found in the SLA document.

Read more about EGI’s work with ERIC-CLL on our website and in our publication.