The EGI Foundation signed the Pact for Innovation

The EGI Foundation is pleased to announce that it signed the Pact for Innovation (INPACT) led by Knowledge4Innovation.

The main objective of the Pact for Innovation is to create a platform of collaboration between key stakeholders and European Institutions with a view to driving innovation in Europe and paving the way for the next generation of scientists, researchers and innovators.

EGI is joining this pact to contribute to a competitive innovation performance in Europe at all its levels: national, regional, local. Yannick Legré, Managing Director of the EGI Foundation, comments on the signature: “Signing the Pact for Innovation is an important step for EGI to further promote and advance open science and open innovation in Europe”.

Sergio Andreozzi, Strategy and Policy Manager, comments: “EGI is a very diverse ecosystem where most of the innovation happens from the grassroots. By joining this effort, we aim to improve the way we capture and promote innovation, and also to better connect with other ecosystems.”

Read more about Knowledge4Innovation and the Pact for Innovation.